Japan Energy Industry

The State of Geothermal Power Generation in Japan

Geothermal power plants, at less than half a percent of Japan’s total power generation, are currently one of the country’s smallest sources of renewable power. However, with Japan having, by some estimates, the third-richest geothermal resources in the world and its government looking to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, this relatively minor power source is […]

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Wind in Japan

In 2012, the Japanese government introduced a feed-in-tariff program aimed at promoting the use of renewable energy. While promoting solar, Japan’s largest non-hydro renewable source, has been the main target of the program, wind projects have received support as well. Since then, Japan has seen an increase in the number of wind projects, both on- […]

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Turning Point for Coal-Fired Power Generation in Japan

As other countries are rapidly shifting away from using coal for power generation, Japan continues to heavily rely on this fossil fuel. That said, pressure from abroad and other factors have contributed to changes in the Japanese government’s stance towards coal. This article explores the history of coal in Japan as well as the government’s […]

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