Japan Energy Industry

Renewable Energy Procurement Options in Japan

In our previous post, we covered the overall trends in renewable energy procurement in Japan as well as the key concepts one needs to understand before embarking on the low- to no-carbon emissions path. This article, on the other hand, looks at the practicalities of procuring renewable energy in Japan. It explores the main options […]

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Reducing Carbon Footprint in Japan: The Basics

Recently, headlines covering Japan’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 and major corporations pledging to power their businesses with renewable energy have become increasingly common in Japan. Most of the latter have been businesses consuming large amounts of power and so, for businesses using relatively modest amounts of power, some of the concepts behind […]

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The State of Japan’s Power System Reform

When trying to understand the state of the Japanese power market, it is necessary to understand the country’s deregulation process and systemic changes that took place after the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident. That’s why we’ve already covered the topic on this blog a couple of times in the past: Japan’s Deregulated Power […]

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