About Us

Dan Shulman started Shulman Advisory G.K. after 13 years of experience with the Japanese energy market in a variety of roles.

Today, he provides professional support to overseas energy sector companies entering the Japanese market. He has rich experience in the country’s evolving deregulated electricity market, in facilitating partnerships between Japanese and foreign companies, and in tracking changes in policy and regulation to anticipate and capture market opportunities.

Dan also works to connect energy technology startups and investors with, in addition to Japan, a particularly strong network in Israel, Europe, and the US.



13 years of electric power industry experience, with a focus on Japan, including establishment, licensing, operations of electricity retailers covering all 9 of Japan’s deregulated utility zones.


Consulted for over 20 clients, including Japanese electric power companies, industry organizations, government, heavy industry companies,and overseas companies entering Japan market


Supported 6 foreign energy retailers’ entry into the Japanese market

Coordinated international business with clients/partners from East Asia, Europe, Middle East and South America, including management of multiple bidding efforts.

Fluent communication in English, Japanese, and Korean; basic communication in Chinese, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Corporate Profile Date of Incorporation: November 13, 2019 Representative Director: Daniel Shulman Office Address: 315 Yamabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo-to, 162-0801, Japan Tel: +81 (0)3-4563-8959



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Vishnu Amble

Vishnu has been investing at the intersection of Infrastructure, Technology, & Sustainability for 2 decades globally. He most recently served as a Corporate Venture Executive at German Energy Major E.ON, focused on global energy transition investments & partnerships, building one of the largest corporate VC’s in the sector. He started his career as a Power & Utilities Investment Banker at Lehman Brothers, working in the US, Europe and Asia. He has since worked on investments at The Carlyle Group, Abraaj Group, and Global Cleantech Capital. Vishnu has made over 30 investments in technology companies addressing the themes of InfraTech/ClimateTech/SustainabilityTech.
Vishnu received his degrees in Computer Science Engineering, Economics & Asian Studies from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.


Nathaniel Rowe

Nathaniel Rowe is a corporate and finance lawyer with almost 20 years’ experience living, studying and working in regional and megacity Japan. As a former Japanese Ministry of Education scholar, Nathaniel strives to operate as an insider in Japan providing bilingual advice to Japanese clients, while offering international clients practical insights into doing business in Japan.
His advisory experience spans marketing, management consulting and law in New York, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo partnering with clients on some of their most important global transactions.
For the past 13 years, he has represented Japanese and international corporations, financial institutions and government organizations on a broad range of corporate and finance transactions, with a particular focus on the energy sector.

Sustainability Specialist

Paul Blagbrough

Paul brings to the team 30 years of experience in sustainability, a passion for making buildings and businesses greener, and a commitment to protecting the environment for future generations. He has worked as the Head of Sustainability for MUFG Americas; ran an energy-management and carbon-footprint company; and spent 8 years working with a number of multi-cultural companies in Japan. He just completed the first phase of a biomass power plant in Wakayama Prefecture for a Feed in Tariff contract for a Japanese financing company, is a LEED AP, and has passed the U.S. Certified Energy Manager exam. Paul’s accomplishments include working on the first LEED Certified office space in Tokyo and calculating the carbon footprint of a short movie in Hollywood. In his spare time, he works on a book he is writing about Japanese mountain vegetables.

Director of Sales & Marketing

Keishi Nukina

As Director of Sales and Marketing, Keishi assures that our products and services fit the needs of the market, and that knowledge of our offerings reaches those to whom we can provide greatest value.
Keishi was born and raised in Slovakia before moving to Japan. Since his days at university, for almost a decade now, he has been helping small- and medium-sized companies with, among other things, getting their marketing and sales in order. He is also an aviation enthusiast, as can be seen on his blog about air travel, KN Aviation.

Chief Software Architect

Jimmy Fitzback

As the Chief Software Architect at Shulman Advisory, Jimmy is designing and developing the software architecture of all our projects. Jimmy has a wealth of experience in software engineering in the banking and logistics sectors.
Jimmy is not only a problem solver but also an entrepreneur, a blacksmithing nerd and a foodie, never too far from his kitchen knives.
Originally from Canada, Jimmy now lives in Kōchi, Japan.

Head of Research

Kumiko Shibaoka

Kumiko grew up in Japan and the US. She worked in a Japanese manufacturing company in Japan as a HR officer and moved to Kenya in 2015 to work for a government agency. Currently, she is preparing to start up a business in Kenya in the energy industry.
She is a wildlife freak who is crazy about safaris or game drives in National Parks.



Sunpulse is a boutique PV design & engineering and consulting firm. It provides third-party energy yield reports for over 1,250 projects in the Asia-Pacific region. The company has also conducted over 325 site visits in the region. In addition to its head office in Tokyo, it also has an operations base in Hokkaido.



Heliatek is an award-winning leader in clean and green organic solar technology which produces unique solar films to transform building surfaces into decentralized electricity generators. Heliatek unlocks the inaccessible potential of conventional PV solutions, e.g. buildings with weight restrictions, round building shapes, and non-penetrable surfaces. Production is done through a proprietary and state-of-the-art roll-to-roll production process in Dresden, Germany.



Poligy is developing a sustainable solution that turns low-grade waste heat into electricity with its patented Waste Heat Recovery Bipolymer System. The revolutionary technology can achieve 4% – 15% conversion efficiency of waste heat into electricity within the temperature range of 50 – 150 ºC, facilitating the harvesting of waste heat which was previously inaccessible due to the small temperature differentials involved. A lab-scale prototype has been intensively tested, and multiple field pilots are in the process of installation and testing. Poligy is based in Dusseldorf, Germany.