Accelerating Japan’s Energy Transition

  • Providing Japan energy market research and advisory services
  • Identifying investment, proof-of-concept, and other opportunities
  • Offering full suite of other Japan market entry support services

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Shulman Advisory helps innovative energy tech companies from around the world partner with Japanese companies – investors, proof-of-concept partners, distributors, and end users – to seize opportunities in the country and to refine and scale their businesses.

The major barriers to the transition to green energy in Japan are essentially the same as elsewhere in the world:

  • Existing grid infrastructure
  • Land constraints
  • Public acceptance
  • Entrenched interests

However, the rapidly evolving market and regulatory environment, the opacity of government and corporate decision making processes, and unique structural features of the Japanese economy often combine to make it difficult to determine the right time to enter the Japanese energy market, and the most effective way of doing so.

That’s where Shulman Advisory comes into the picture.

It is our passion to help you break through and sidestep these bottlenecks and roadblocks, and to unlock the value that can be found in the Japanese market.

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Shulman Advisory has years of experience tracking market environment and regulatory changes in Japan’s energy industry and providing analytical insights and on-the-ground practical support to help overseas energy companies establish themselves in the Japanese market.  Contact Us