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Joint Public-Private Council to Develop Commercialization Strategy for Next-Gen Solar

Publication date: June 7, 2024

Joint Public-Private Council to Develop Commercialization Strategy for Next-Gen Solar

On 29 May, Japan’s Ministry for Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE) convened the first meeting of the “Public-Private Council for the Expansion of Next-Generation Solar Cells and Strengthening of Industrial Competitiveness”. Chaired by Professor Yukari Takamura of the University of Tokyo, the council aims to develop a comprehensive strategy for next-generation solar cells, particularly focusing on perovskite solar cells (PSC). This initiative seeks to enhance Japan’s global competitiveness by jointly discussing development and production systems across public and private sectors.

The initial goal of establishing a gigawatt-scale mass PSC production system by early 2030 has now expanded to include introduction targets, price goals, and strategies to capture overseas markets. The strategy will feature in the ongoing formulation of the next Basic Energy Plan, with a final version expected within the year. During the meeting, the secretariat emphasized the early implementation of PSC, highlighting the importance of mass production technology, production systems development, and demand creation.

Key discussion points included setting target levels to enhance business predictability and outlining a medium-to-long-term outlook for the next-generation technology. The council also considered measures to strengthen supply chains, including securing raw materials and establishing international standards to facilitate access to global markets. PSCs are noted for their thin, flexible and lightweight appearance, and potential cost-effectiveness. They present a significant opportunity for Japan, which is the second-largest producer of iodine, a primary raw material for this technology.

METI Minister Ken Saito addressed the council, urging participants to advance the implementation of these technologies ahead of the rest of the world, and establish an industry that Japan can present on the global stage. The council includes other relevant ministries, local governments, related organizations, and manufacturers, all of whom will collaborate to establish an industrial base, domestic supply chain and markets for these next-generation solar cells.

Joint Public-Private Council to Develop Commercialization Strategy for Next-Gen Solar
The power-generating layer of a PSC is over 100 times thinner and one-tenth the weight of a traditional silicon solar cell, allowing installation in places where conventional panels can’t go, like building walls and roofs with limited load-bearing capacity. Japan, the world’s second-largest iodine producer with a 30% share in global production, is supporting PSC development with funding from the Green Innovation Fund and aims for GW-class mass production before 2030.


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