Japan Energy Industry

Not in My Backyard, Japan Style

At the end of May, Nikkei reported that the number of local government ordinances in Japan banning renewable power plant construction has reached about 60, double what it was in 2017.   What could be driving this trend in a country where much of the populace is eager to move beyond its past dependence on nuclear […]

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FIT, FIP and the Future of Renewables in Japan

As we’ve reported previously, the development of renewables in Japan thus far, although successful in bringing many gigawatts of new generation online, has been a bumpy process marked by many missteps and disappointments, and the road ahead remains filled with uncertainty.   Among the variables with the potential to make or break Japan’s achievement of its […]

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Japan’s Power Grid: Interconnections

The peculiar structure of Japan’s electricity grid is interesting enough to merit examination as a free-standing topic, which we’ve done in an earlier report.   Today we’d like to get into the history of how Japan’s grid came to be structured the way it is, how the interconnections between grid zones have been utilized over time, […]

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