Japan Energy Industry

Japan’s Deregulated Power Market: Year Five

Well into the fifth year of Japan’s deregulated electricity retail market, which opened on April 1, 2016, there’s a lot to look back and reflect upon, and there’s still much to be anticipated.  We’re going to zero in on some interesting aspects of the winding road the market has taken so far.  Hiccups, Haze and […]

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Hydrogen and Japan’s Energy Future

Much activity – and much hype – has surrounded the push towards the adoption of hydrogen as a key fuel in Japan.  Today we’re going to clear away some of the haze by zeroing in on several key aspects of what’s going on.   Policy In December 2017, Japan’s “Basic Hydrogen Strategy” was approved by the […]

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New Structures in Japan’s Deregulated Electricity Market

Earlier this year we took a look at developments in Japan’s deregulated electricity market here on our blog, and it’s a topic we regularly cover in depth in our Monthly Market Monitor.   Today we’re going to look at new structures the Japanese government is putting in place as part of the further development of the […]

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